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Harzgerode 2013

As promised here are a very few photographs from the recent parish trip to our link church of Harzgerode in Germany.
(Please note: no children, animals or Germans were harmed during the taking of these photographs)

Queuing overnight for One Direction tickets

Over-indulging in German hospitality (again, hic!)

Watch it! She's got a fork! (Leipzig)

"Have more cake! Don't worry, I'm a doctor"

Blessed art thought amongst women

Nothing keeps kids amused like wine and board games

Worst...snowman...ever! (Harzgerode)

An utter spectacle in Berlin (and the Brandenburg Gate)

Field of Stelae, Berlin

Just before the police moved them on (joke! - Berlin)

Leslie and some guy with a camera (Berlin)

"Sorry mate, I've no change on me"

Looking suspicious at a train station

Spot the non-Irish (Quedlinburg)

What all the cool Berlin kids are wearing

Hazel's present (scribbled on already!)

I dunno, you can't beat a bit of pebbledash

Pillar of the community (Ballenstedt)

Photographing the photographer of the group photograph

Ireland before we left

What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?

You can't wash your hands in a buffalo...

One for the farm machinery enthusiasts...

...and another (right, that's your lot!)

Hairy cows

Small hairy cow

Many hairy cows

No hairy cows

More hairy co...camels (yes, camels)

No eye deer

Boaring now!

Our safari vehicle

Health and Safety? What's that?

Our other safari vehicle

Cyril bull-shifting again

We went to Halle...and back (geddit?)

You're so vane...

Cyril photographs his wife...

The mothership lands

Cyril asks Hazel for a bit more spending money


Trained bear posing with Hazel (Berlin)

So cold our eyelashes froze! (Harzgerode)

St Mary's, Harzgerode

St Mary's, Harzgerode

Nosebleed-inducing pulpit

St Mary's, Harzgerode

St Mary's, Harzgerode

Easter tradition (still don't know how the hens do it...)

High-rise apartments in Leipzig

A lot of nervous horses in Europe these days...

Pastor Anke gathering a new flock

Cyril gets some driving lessons

That would be an ecumenical matter...

...as would this

...and this too

A gift to our link church (by Hazel)

Going nowhere fast (Berlin)

Medieval motorbike - still works! (Berlin)

???!!! (Berlin - where else?!)

Yes, there will be more...